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Why we choose Moretti Luce

Present on the market for more than 20 years now, they have accumulated a unique professional know-how in the sector, which distinguishes the products for quality and durability.

A wide range of first choice materials, such as aluminium, brass and steel, as well as the use of high quality components supplied by the best manufacturers in the sector. These are the ingredients that push us to enter into a partnership with Moretti to provide our customers with a wide choice of products and an attentive and scrupulous service towards their requests.

An always active research and development department, product design with innovative software and production using cutting-edge machinery.


Moretti Luce: excellent lighting and Italian Style

Moretti Luce excels in the lighting sector thanks to an extraordinary combination of innovation, beauty and technology that permeates each of its products. With over thirty years of experience in metalworking and a deep commitment to the study and research of lighting systems, the company stands out for its ability to combine traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Wide range of materials

Moretti Luce uses a wide range of high-quality materials to create exceptional lighting products. The brass, worked with different finishes such as burnished, coppered or polished, adapts to both interiors and exteriors, while the light and resistant aluminum offers innovative and eco-friendly design possibilities. These materials are selected not only for their aesthetic beauty, but also to ensure optimal performance in terms of durability, efficiency and corrosion resistance. Thanks to the versatility of the materials used, Moretti Luce creates tailor-made lighting that meets the most sophisticated needs and the most refined tastes.

Metalworking is the beating heart of Moretti Luce. The company's craftsmen possess consolidated mastery acquired over the years, which is reflected in the attention to detail and craftsmanship precision of each product. The skilful use of brass, aluminum and other high quality metals allows you to create unique and exclusive lighting, characterized by impeccable and long-lasting finishes.

Moretti Luce: study and research for innovation

Moretti Luce constantly invests in research and development to remain at the forefront of the lighting sector. The in-depth study of lighting systems and new technologies allows the company to create innovative products that satisfy the aesthetic and functional needs of the most demanding customers. The company is committed to following the latest trends and anticipating future evolutions in lighting design, thus guaranteeing products that always live up to expectations.

Moretti lighting: Italian Style and artisan passion

Italianness is an integral part of Moretti Luce's identity. Each lamp and light fixture brings with it the timeless charm of Italian design, combined with an authentic passion for craftsmanship. The clean and sophisticated lines of Moretti Luce products embody the Italian style, famous throughout the world for its elegance and refinement. The company is committed to keeping Italian artisan traditions alive, enhancing the quality of the raw materials and the expertise of the master craftsmen who give life to each luminous creation.

Innovation and tradition at the service of customers

Ultimately, Moretti Luce stands out for the harmonious combination of innovation and tradition in the lighting field. The continuous search for styles and trends, combined with a solid foundation of traditional craftsmanship, characterizes the company's creative process. Each product reflects a constant evolution in design and lighting technology, without losing sight of the authentic values ​​of the quality of raw materials and love for Italian tradition. This balance between modernity and historical roots translates into lighting solutions that are both iconic and functional, perfect for contemporary and classic environments.

Moretti Luce 642.6 Romantica black/copper outdoor pendant lamp Moretti Luce 642.6 Romantica black/copper outdoor pendant lamp 2
Suspension lamp in die-cast aluminum with socket for E27 bulb and transparent polycarbonate diffuser. Artisan production, made in Italy. Perfect for satisfying any need for light diffusion. Black/copper version.
Moretti Luce 561.3 Traditional black and silver outdoor wall lamp Moretti Luce 561.3 Traditional black and silver outdoor wall lamp 2
Applique, wall lamp in black/silver die-cast aluminium with E27 bulb socket and transparent glass diffuser. Product handcrafted, made in Italy. Suitable to satisfy any need for light diffusion. For lighting at the height of your garden.
Moretti Luce 981.24.6 Outdoor floor lamp 2,30m Copper black Moretti Luce 981.24.6 Outdoor floor lamp 2,30m Copper black 2
2.30m high outdoor pole with die-cast aluminum structure in coppery black colour, with connection for E27 bulb and diffuser in opal white glass. Artisanal product, made in Italy. For lighting at the height of your garden Transparent glass also available on request, write to us for information. Given the size of the lamp, shipping costs are to be assessed...
Moretti Luce - Toscana 190A.1 Outdoor wall lamp Black plate Moretti Luce - Toscana 190A.1 Outdoor wall lamp Black plate 2
His timeless style is given by the different nuances created by hand with the brush. Compared to the 190, this lamp has a cap finished in antiqued copper and protected with transparent varnish.
Moretti Luce - Ice Cubic... Moretti Luce - Ice Cubic... 2
Ice Cubic is the result of the combination of two elements: Moretti Luce craftsmanship and PCB LED technology. The challenge pursued in recent years has brought to light a ceiling lamp with integrated LED technology characterized by a minimal design which at the same time maintains the characteristic effect of the products.
Moretti Luce 271.1 Wall Lamp Black Moretti Luce 271.1 Wall Lamp Black 2

Moretti Luce 271.1 Wall Lamp Black

Moretti Luce
Applique, wall lamp with black die-cast aluminum structure and transparent polycarbonate diffuser. E27 bulb socket. Artisanal product, Made in Italy.
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