Ceiling Lamps For Kids

Buokids SFANU02 Softlight Cloud wall Lamp seams blue Buokids SFANU02 Softlight Cloud wall Lamp seams blue 2
Wall Lamps For Kids

Buokids SFANU02 Softlight Cloud wall Lamp seams blue

Applique in the shape of a cloud in the flame resistant fabric of polyester fiber with white stitching hand worked colored. The series provides a warm lighting, and soft suitable for the room of the baby.
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Wall Lamps For Kids


€64.50 €86.00
Structure / diffuser in metal, painted black, and colorful. Adjustable lampshade.
Wall lamp or ceiling LED Planes LED 4W Wall lamp or ceiling LED Planes LED 4W 2
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Ceiling Lamps For Kids

Philips 717605316 Lamp Wall/Ceiling Planes Integrated Led 4W

€30.74 €40.98
This lamp round Philips and Disney Planes lights up with a lively picture of the characters of Planes the most loved by your child. Brings joy and color to the walls and ceilings, while the sturdy rounded design is safe for small and curious hands of children.
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Ceiling Lamps For Kids

Ceiling lamps For Kids. The careful selection of the best products for Children. Choose the products you are looking for and discover the savings by adding to cart the desired amount, you will see that discounts! You can not find the product of your favorite Brand? Contact us for immediate inclusion on the website with the timing of delivery is amazing.

Our advice: The sleep of children.

Let's start from the afternoon: a moment that, in small children, is often dedicated to sleep. For this time of the day, if from one side it is important to do so in the room arrivals a lot of natural light, the other is necessary, in the case in which we close the shutters, you can easily adjust the amount of light total in the room.
To prevent the environment from becoming too dark you might think, for example, the purchase of a LED lamp dimmable, or for which the light intensity can be easily adjusted. In this way, it will be even easier to control, without disturbing the child while sleeping.
Another important aspect: you have to try not to place the lamps too close to the crib of the child.
A solution for a small bedroom could be added to the lighting to the ceiling, a floor lamp, to be put in a corner, a safe distance from the crib, and create the lighting that is appropriate for the many activities that children love to play.
If we talk about measures important, we must not forget to place the switch at a height accessible to children so that they are able to turn on the light of the room in the middle of the night if they notice, for any reason, the need.
Definitely preferable to use LED warm light and avoid the light bulbs with clear glass. Do not choose materials that are not in proof of safety for the children.
It would be interesting orientation on the installation of a night light is soft, to help our children to feel safe during the night, a choice that would be also your ally in a moment where, as already mentioned, there was the need to go to the room of the children; in fact, this type of lighting should allow you to go there without risking to wake them up with the power of a light too strong and avoid any other problems related to a very low brightness (like tripping over a toy).
In the event that your little ones are so small that the choice of what to install should be directed towards products that can provide the suitable light to read or do homework. Ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall lamps, table lamps will be able to support you in this mission.

Their safety is our peace of mind

It is necessary to pay attention also to the safety in order to avoid the child playing with the switches and electrical sockets can take the shock.
It is therefore necessary to assess carefully which risks runs the child and take precautions with regard to electrical outlets, junction boxes, switches and electrical cables. We must not forget, moreover, that some light sources generate a lot of heat and have components that reach a high temperature, such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, this is the case then to prevent the baby can touch.
Many lighting devices are made with fragile materials such as glass and, in the event of a fall, could break and injure the child.

How to light up the bedroom

The first trick is to install lighting fixtures in locations difficult to reach by children. Are recommend, therefore, ceiling lamps, pendant, wall, keeping, of course at a distance of at least 2 m from the floor.
Another measure useful is to choose appliances robust, avoiding the glass, to withstand the shocks and bumps caused during play activities. For lamps in hand, as the lumetti on the bedside table, you should opt for appliances low heating. With regard to the type of lighting it would be better to choose a widespread direct or indirect with a high degree of uniformity of the illuminance on all the horizontal planes. For the night phase is then advisable to lighting to the low luminance, the better if given the regulator of the light flow, keep possibly on if the child is afraid of the dark, or in the case of the need for its care.


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