LED light bulbs

Eglo - 900239 Libisa Chain LED lights for outdoors White Eglo - 900239 Libisa Chain LED lights for outdoors White 2
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The LIBISA LED light chain consists of a 7.35 meter long white cable to which 50 small spherical bulbs are attached at a distance of 15 cm. The white LED bulbs emit a pleasant warm white light. Thanks to the IP44 splash water protection, it can also be used outdoors without any problems. L 735cm x W 2.5cm x H 3.5cm
Lampo Lighting FL60E27BC LED bulb E27 8W Warm Filament Lampo Lighting FL60E27BC LED bulb E27 8W Warm Filament 2
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LED light bulbs

Lampo Lighting FL60E27BC LED bulb E27 8W Warm Filament

LAMPO Lighting
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Body in aluminum covered in thermoplastic, bulb in transparent polycarbonate with filament, light color warm white 3000°K - power 8W - 1055 lumen.
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LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs. Careful selection of the best LED bulbs. Choose the product you want and discover the savings by adding to cart the desired amount, you will see that discounts! You can not find the product of your favorite Brand? Contact us for immediate inclusion on the website with the timing of delivery is amazing.

LED bulbs


Inside the glass bulb are disposed 2 or more LED filaments, placed vertically around a glass holder. The power wires pass through the mount and reach the power supply, inside which the power electronics is placed, allowing them to use these lamps with the common 230 V alternating 50 Hz network, making them perfectly replaceable with traditional incandescent lamps such as Even with compact fluorescents. Unlike ordinary LED lamps, these do not need a heat sink because the glass bulb contains an inert gas (usually helium or nitrogen), which supplies heat to the entire surface of the lamp. The latter generally does not exceed 65 ° C even after hours of use, against 2400 ° C achieved by tungsten filaments of incandescent lamps. In spite of this, some manufacturers integrate, exclusively with the 8W models, a ceramic heatsink. The gas also prevents the bulb from dimmering, and ensures the transparency of the glass throughout the lamp life.

LED filaments

They consist of a glass or sapphire finger of about 0.5 mm thick, 1 mm wide and 30 mm long, on which are placed in series blue and red micro LEDs. This technique known as Chip-On-Glass (COG) allows the light emitted by the LED to spread evenly and without interference on the whole structure; Structure covered by a light yellow / orange fluorescent resin that gives the right color to the light emitted. At power on the LED filament appears as a thin glowing wire, and the emitted light is radiated at 360 degrees.
The most common LED filaments have a power of 0.9 / 1.0W and emit about 85/100 lumens, but there are manufacturers who, by means of electronics and thermocouple gas mixtures, declare more than 140 lumens / watt . With this technology it is possible to replace the now obsolete 25W, 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W filament lamps maintaining a good color rendering and almost the same color temperature (2700K), with a saving of about 90% on consumption. They also do not contain toxic substances (eg mercury vapors), enlighten 360 degrees, and manufacturers last for around 15,000 hours, far higher than that of halogen lamps and compact fluorescents (~ 6000h) . For these reasons, they are devices that are currently part of the highest class of energy consumption currently recognized, the A ++ Class.

This technology was patented at the end of 2014.


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