Sleep BABAY Love Diam. 42
Sleep BABAY Love Diam. 42
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Sleep BABAY Love Diam. 42
Sleep BABAY Love Diam. 42

Myyour 60714BAB Chandelier / pendant Baby Love D42

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Suspension lamp by MyYour Baby Love Diameter 42cm

Baby Love, lamp, ornamental by the stylized profile of pink can take different forms: an unusual floor lamp available in various heights, elegant floor lamp, chandelier, ceiling, wall sconces and lamp from the outside in versions Waterproof, and The Garden, where its design is thought to promote more rapid and complete disposal of rainwater; Baby Love is available in five different colours and illuminated by a lamp with low energy consumption.

Practical, handy, evocative, Baby Love Waterproof is at ease in the water, but also in any other outdoor installation thanks to IP64 protection and 316 stainless steel base, satin-finish, that prevents it from tipping over. The minimum duration of the battery is 8 hours and recharging is done by induction, i.e. without electrical contact between the charging station and the battery, for maximum safety and ease of use.Thanks to the remote control you can remotely control even more lamps simultaneously.

Baby Love Garden is instead robustly anchored to the ground by a stake pointed equipped with cable connection to the electrical mains, it is perfect for decorating in a suggestive way in the garden.

Protection index
MAX power
32W if fluorescence

Bulb color gradation

The color temperature is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K) and indicates whether the light has a warm tonality (2700K to 3000K), natural (4000K), cold (5000K) or cold (5000K). The following is the colored spectrum corresponding to the most common color temperature in the lighting engine.



There are many lightning strikes. The most common screw connections (typical of the old bulbs) are E14 (small), E27 (normal) and E40 (special lamps). 220V spotlights generally use the GU10 attachment, featuring two bayonet pins that are to be engaged and rotated to be fixed to the bulb holder. The 12V spotlights generally have a bipod (GA, GU4, GU53, GY6.35, G9). The R7S is used for linear halogen lamps and is available in two versions, one for 7.8cm and 11.8cm long lamps. T5 and T8 attachments are used for linear or small fluorescent tubes. The GX53 has two pins with a large bayonet attachment.


If the lamp you are buying is not equipped with integrated LED, choose the right light bulb in our category:


IP - Protection Index

You do not know what IP is and what is it for? IP is the protection index and classifies the degrees of protection of enclosures for electrical equipment against penetration of solid foreign objects and liquids. The image below helps you to understand the different degrees of protection and what you need.


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